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The oil is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins,potassium and zinc, besides a..
Castor Oil (mint flavour)
1- Helps hair growth. softens and strengthens hair. 2- Elongates Lashes. 3- Softens skin...
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Castor Oil (strawberry flavour)
1- Helps hair growth and strengthens and softens hair. 2- Makes eyelashes longer. 3- Soft..
Extra Virgin Black Seed Oil ( strong )
The prophet, peace be upon him, said:" use the black caraway for, indeed, it is a remedy for all ..
1-Helps to remove dandruff. 2- Helps in nourishing and hair growth. ..
Ginger Oil
1- Removes dandruff. 2- Activates the scalp. 3- Used for rubbing joints. ..
1- Helps in keeping a thin body. 2- Used as a rub to prevent soreness. 3- Helps hair grow..
1- Used as a rub for aches. back pain, arthritis and rheumatism. 2- Activates the scalp for r..
Olive Oil with Ruqiah
  This is Olive Oil with Ruqiah Al- Shareaiah. Using for Drink and massage . ..
Ostrich Fat Oil
1- Helps to prolong and nourishes hair. 2- Applied to the body to treat rheumatism and arthri..
1- Helps in hair growth. 2- Hepls to strengthen weak hair. ..
Sweet Almond Oil.
1- Helps for gaining weight and prevents access thiness. 2- Used as a rub to combat eczema. ..
1-Activates and restores skin cells. 2- Nourishes and helps hair growth. ..
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