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   Understanding the Evil of Innovation Bid'ah. Allah Says ( Take what the Messenger gives you and refrain from what he forbids, you) (Qur'an 59:7) The Prophet (S) said: "Whoever introduces into this affair of ours something that we have not commanded it is to be rejected." (Bukhari and Muslim) Thus, Innovations - adding new rituals, methods, inventing regularized set ways and certain beliefs, must not be entertained. The Prophet has clearly said: "Every newly invented matter (in religion) is bid'ah and every bid'ah is Qaldlah - going astray, and every daldlah is in the Fire. (Tirmidhi)" This booklet has discussed very efficiently the fallacies of bid'cth - innovation - and convincingly pleaded not only to avoid it but also try to stop wherever it is possible.

  • ISBN. 9960-9648-3-3
  • Abu Muntasir Ibn Mohar Ali.
  • International Islamic Publishing House.

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