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  • Come's with exercise book.
  • Our new secondary school/pre-GCSE series consists of three books aimed at 11-14 year olds. Key features
  • Short passages and dialogues
  • Mind maps (powerful visual tools to simplify teaching and aid memorisation)
  • Clipart / illustrations
  • Vocabulary lists and expression lists
  • Easy verb tense tables
  • Colour differentiation in all the above, as appropriate
  • An additional piece of Arabic at the end of each unit
  • A workbook accompanying each of the three books Carnival 2 This is the second book of the series, targeting beginners who can read the Arabic alphabet and comprehend simple words, and places emphasis on the reading and responding approach, with more writing involved than the first book. Book 2 of the series consists of six units, four of which concentrate on an area of student life and two on the Arab World. Each unit ends with an article or short story that is related to the topic of the unit. To assess the student

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